Ranch Living on Guadalupe River

This sprawling ranch in the  Boerne/Kendalia area backs right up to the Guadalupe River.   We were fortunate to work on several different areas of property including their gated entrance, the front of their home and their backyard walkway/steps down to the river.  We added warm light to their renovated entrance and gate area to help homeowners and guest alike to easily locate the entrance and utilize the gate safely.   We added warm up lights onto the columns, character plants, and trees with spotlights focused on the gate.  In the front yard we added marker lights for the walkway to the front door and added small up lights on the beautiful cacti.  The goal in the back yard was to light up the path down to the river which was done with a combination of marker lights and down lights from the trees.   Our favorite part of this project has to be adding warm up and down lights to this spectacular Oak tree making it stand out as a huge feature from the back of the home and patio.