Sabrina Avila, Chief Operations Manager

Sabrina helped start Complete Outdoor Development, LLC. in 2017, but has known and worked with the family since 2013. Throughout the years she has built a strong bond with the Navarro family and she is considered “The Business Mom”!

Sabrina brings an array of experience to the company and manages the company’s operations and finances. She has been inspirational in building Complete Outdoor Development, LLC. from the bottom, from conception, with zero dollars to the four-million-dollar company it is today.

Sabrina possesses Business Management, Accounting, HR, Advertising, Marketing, and Construction experience.

In addition to running the everyday operation of Complete Outdoor Development, LLC. Sabrina also is the founder of Brand Panacea Enterprise, LLC. a company she started in 2002. She started the company to help start-ups and small businesses with little or no budgets reach success. Sabrina worked in insurance before devoting her life fully to owning her own agency. She helped Jesse and Peggy Lujan grow and maintain their clientele and homeowner’s insurance line of business. After a few years of working with many real-estate agents and mortgage companies, she grew a passion for real estate and obtained her license. Sabrina utilized her Group I and real-estate license to help many Latino families purchase homes and invest their monies wisely. Sabrina lead many seminars in the South, West, and East sides of San Antonio to educate and empower these families when making investment decisions and drilled in the importance of life insurance. “These where the most underserved areas”, Sabrina says “and areas where no one else dared to invest there time!” but Sabrina did.

Later, in 1999 Sabrina decided to change gears and accept a job offer at Bromley Communications in the Media Buying & Planning department. This is where Sabrina’s passion and knowledge grew for Marketing, Advertising, and Branding. Due to the 911 catastrophes in 2001 many accounts were lost and Bromley downsized, but The Cartel advertising agency was born and seeking talent. Sabrina’s leadership and business management experience is why she was hired to help grow the company from 10 employees to 100 employees in the role of Director of Operations. In 2002 Sabrina decided to start her own business as a consulting firm for small businesses, where she

applied her knowledge of business operations, marketing, advertising, and branding. This is what Brand Panacea consist of today. She has decisively positioned the company for its next generation of growth, executing a strong plan that is delivering results today while positioning BPE for future growth.

When not working Sabrina enjoys her family and loves to travel.