Mr. Jose Navarro is the proud father of four children. He came to the United States in 1979 to find work and opportunities. When arriving in the United States he landed in Louisiana and worked as a landscaper for two years. In 1981 Mr. Navarro followed a business opportunity in Austin, TX and lived there until 1984. In late 1984 Mr. Navarro moved to Hunt, Texas to work as a residential ceramic tile-layer for Doug Hill construction company, which serviced the hill country. In 1997 Mr. Navarro decided to start his own business providing tile, masonry, brick, and concrete work to hill country residents. He worked on anything from new construction to remodels. He started the company with 3 employees and grew his company to 20 employees and among those were his two sons. Mr. Navarro had loyal clients like D.R. Horton and JK Bernard who gave him consistent work throughout the years. In 2015 Mr. Navarro decided to hand over his business to his oldest son Heriberto Navarro who ran the business through 2017. In May 2017 his sons decided to combine forces and create a company named Complete Outdoor Development, which is now a four-million-dollar company. Through hard work and dedication, the family has worked together to build a legacy. Mr. Navarro gives all the thanks to all the loyal clients throughout the years. “Without them we would not be where we are today”, says Mr. Navarro.
On his spare time Mr. Navarro loves spending time with his grandchildren and traveling to Mexico to visit his family and his ranch.