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When you have professional weed control applied, your turfgrass will stay dense, uniform and resists further weed growth. This grass needs to be mowed less often and enhances your property’s appearance. With our care plan for Residential Landscaping, you can achieve a fantastic lawn that will keep weeds to a minimum.

Some of the most common types of lawn weeds include:

  • Grassy weeds, like blanket Crabgrass, Dallisgrass, Smutgrass and annual Bluegrass
  • Broadleaf weeds, like anual Snow-Thistle,  Bitterweed,  Arrowleaf Clover

Our experts have years of knowledge when it comes to weed control; our selective herbicide spot-treatments kill all types. Protecting your lawn necessitates vigilance and understanding. We are here for you and can keep your home free of weeds, minus the hassle of having to do it yourself.

To keep your law as weed-free as possible, you need to mow it regularly and fertilize it properly, especially during late winter and spring. However, this does not remove all weeds from turfgrass, which is why you should contact us to get your lawn under control.

Fertilizing your lawn regularly is key to maintaining it healthy and beautiful. In order to nourish it properly, grass needs three elemental nutrients: potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen. The perfect blend of these nutrients varies from lawn to lawn and proper fertilization is key to any complete residential Landscaping plan. CODLawns work closely with you to create a customized solution, making sure that your lawn receives all the necessary nutrients your lawn needs to grow.

Our experts have decades of experience treating all lawn types, sizes, and shapes so we can create the perfect fertilizer combination. Another important aspect of fertilization is schedule, and this will depend on the type of grass you have. We will be happy to talk to you regarding your lawn needs, so make sure to contact us today.

Aerating your lawn on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do. Our mechanical aeration process means the water and nutrients can access the root system, creating thicker turf grass and improving nutrient uptake and water retention.

Complete Outdoor Development applies granular compost to your property at the rate of fifty pounds per square feet. This helps open up tight soils, which we then flood with a combination of organic matter, aiding the uptake of nutrients, greening and water retention.

We use a mechanical aerator with hollow tines, allowing soil cores to be removed from your lawn without further compressing the soil.

The most important and expensive portion of your garden is the landscaping. Healthy shrubs and great trees add thousands of dollars in value to your properties curb appeal. With this in mind, we’ve designed a personalized prescription program, ensuring your trees and shrubs enjoy a longer lifespan. We offer Ball Moss control, insect and disease control and fertilization, all tailored to your needs.

We aim to keep your plants thriving and healthy throughout the year, which is why we monitor your plants for any insects or budding diseases. Our experts use their expertise on the dangers affecting Texas trees and shrubs, immediately treating any symptoms while avoiding and controlling pests.

Maintaining your lawn free of pests requires experience and vigilance. CODLawns are experts in keeping your landscape free of common lawn pests. Regular landscape and Landscaping services are essential in helping you protect your property and investment.

Our lawn-related pest control plans are comprehensive and customized. We start by assessing your lawn, as every lawn is different and needs different treatments. Our programs are comprehensive and tailor-made to fit the unique parameters of your lawn. When you use our services, you not only receive control for existing problems, but we show you how to prevent any future issues.

Benefits of Using our Professional Lawn Service

Your lawn needs on-going attention to stay healthy. That is why we provide solutions tailor-made to meet your lawn’s particular needs. When these solutions are combined with proper watering and mowing techniques, they can maximize your lawn’s longevity and potential.

As a leader in Landscaping in San Antonio,Texas, we are equipped to help you obtain a healthy and lush lawn you’ll love. We make healthy lawns seem easy. You know that you are mowing and watering your lawn correctly, but do you know the required next steps? The type of fertilizer you should be using, for example. Or how to control weeds, which is a complex science that depends on your lawn and grass type. It’s easy to rely on trial and error, but this can create damage and brings with it lots of frustration.

CODLandscaping Services can remove the guesswork and get your lawn on the right path from the first treatment. Our trained specialists recognize the specific needs of your lawn, what its particular problems are and what we can do to bring it back to life. All of our approaches are tailored, which means your lawn gets exactly what it needs when it needs it.